• The Long Criminal Justice Career of Tony Domish

  • Posted on July 15, 2018
  • Anthony Domish has compiled a long and significant career as a police officer, compiling a lot of experience over nearly a quarter century. Throughout his 24 years as a police officer, he served a number of municipalities and even spent some time as a police chief in several of them. Nowadays, Tony lives and works in Ferry County, Washington, not far from the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, where he spent his childhood and where he graduated O'Dea High School.

    Since then, Anthony Domish has been sure to get a lot of eduction. He studied Criminal Justice and Public Administration extensively in college, and followed that up by completing courses of study at both the Washington State Criminal Justice Reserve Officer Academy and the Washington State Criminal Justice Basic law Enforcement Academy. In his 24 years as a police officer, Tony Domish also has completed more than 4000 hours of specialized law enforcement post-academy training, and he holds certifications from the Criminal Justice Training Commission First level, as well as in Middle management and Executive.

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